An unexpected building that seems to have been taken from a 19th-century European capital's residential area, with an original and unique style.

Its construction in 1888 places it in the Modernist age heyday, a moment of unparalleled artistic sensitiveness. A building where creativity, freedom, sensuousness and refinement are floating in the air.

A singular 'indiano house' built to combine functionality and beauty, with a strong ornamental component inspired on nature.

After some years in Cuba, Esteban Ancil returned to his hometown and requested this building be built with all the luxury and refinement of the time.

Decades of closure were followed by a profound refurnishing, thus Villa Clementina renames the original Villa Lónguida in honour of Clementina Redin, Esteban Ancil's great niece.

During 2009 and 2010, the Oiza-Redin Brothers recovered this family building in order to turn it into a unique hotel in Navarre.

Esteban Ancil (1845-1893)

An adventurous native Navarrian touched by luck and good fortune.

Benefactor of numerous social works, namely the construction of the Murillo de Lónguida Grammar School and the donation of a rescue ship to the city of Vilanova i la Geltrú.